Flipworks Media Storage for Furniture
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Flipworks came with your furniture
Flipworks Media Storage for Furniture

Insightful...by design

Flip Access

Rediscover your collection!
Flipworks let's you browse and select by the covers. No more squinting to see those hard to read edges. And you can even switch to thin cases to triple your storage and still browse your covers. 

Stores Everything

Stores everything
Our patented designs store most every case style so your collection can evolve without changes or adjustments. CD's, DVD's, VHS...even older formats like audio cassettes, Disney VHS, Mini-disc...vertually everything.

Easy to Adjust

Grows with you
As your collection grows, simply adjust the back support.  When you run out of room, add more organizers or start transitioning to thin cases. 

Integrates into your furniture

Works with your furniture
Our systems are designed to fit in a wide variety of furniture sizes and styles to provide a finished appearance that looks custom made.

Easy to Install

Easy to install
Most systems install in minutes with either double sided tape or a few screws. 

Make Clutter Disappear

Hides clutter behind doors
Being integrated into your furniture allows your media collection to be hidden away to preserve the beauty of your furniture.  Flipworks also organizes your media neatly should you want to see your collection in the open. 

Extends for a Better View

Extends for a better view
Our Pull-out trays let you extend your collection to provide more light and a more comfortable viewing angle. You can even slide out your trays and place them on the coffee table for easy access.  

Can I store a variety of media in one organizer?
Yes, Flipworks systems allow you to even mix most types of media at the same time. 

Can I stand my DVD's up or lay them down?

Our drawer systems allow all media to be stored either direction so you can fit DVD's into low drawers.  

Where can Flipworks be used?
Generally, our organizers mount on a flat surface such as a shelf or a drawer bottom. Popular places are entertainment centers, home office suites, and dedicated media systems. However Flipworks is also used in kid’s furniture, occasional pieces and even on closet shelves.  

Do I have to install Flipworks on shelves?
In some cases, you can just lay them on the flat surface. However, to get the benefit of our "Pull-out" trays, you'll need to screw the base down on a stable surface.

How do Flipworks trays mount in drawers?
Our drawer systems can simply be dropped into a drawer or installed with included peel & stick tape. 

Are tools required?
Depending upon the application and the product, tools such as a Phillips Screwdriver or a kitchen knife will suffice.  Some installations will not require tools at all. 




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